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27/03/2015  20301   NITNO:709/TC/2014-15 Construction of H.L. Bridge i/c Approach Across Karua Nalla on Durg Dhamdha Beme   Live
27/03/2015  20300   NITNO:708/TC/2014-15 Construction of H.L. Bridge i/c Approach Across Dotu Nalla on Durg Dhamdha   Live
27/03/2015  20298   NITNo.:-710/TC/14-15 Construction of ITI Building at Dantewada i/c Electrification work   Live
25/03/2015  20295   N.I.T.No66/Raipur/B/R/2014-15(1stCall) CONSTRUCTION OF CIVIL COURT BUILDING AT TILDA, DISTT.-RAIPUR (C.G.) I/c ELECTRIF   Live
26/03/2015  20294   NITNO:706/TC/2014-15 Construction of H.L. Bridge Across Karra River in Km. 85/10 on Rajnandgaon kawar   Live
26/03/2015  20293   NITNO:705/TC/2014-15 Construction of H.L. Bridge Across Karra Nalla in Km. 76/2 on Rajnandgaon kaward   Live
25/03/2015  20292   NITNo.:-704/TC/14-15 BHAISA BHANDAR TELASI SIRPUR ROAD (MDR) LENGTH 19.425 KM.   Live
27/03/2015  20291   NITNO.:-707/TC/14-15 Construction of Govt. Polytechnic College Building at Ramanujganj i/c Water Supp   Live
23/03/2015  20290   NITNo:697/TC/14-15 B.T. Renewal of Kawadha-Rampur-Khamhariya Length 6.00 Km, Ghotiya-Junwani road   Live
24/03/2015  20288   NITNo:702/TC/14-15 Contruction of Ramchandrapur via Aniruddhpur to Jharkhand   Live
23/03/2015  20287   NITNO:698/TC/2014-15 Construction of H.L. Bridge Across Kumhalori Nalla in Km. 17/2 on Rajnandgaon   Live
24/03/2015  20286   NITNo.:-703/TC/14-15 Construction of I.T.I. Building at Baikunthpur Distt. Korea i/c Electrification   Live
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Construction of 400 m. 8 lane synthetic Athletictrack & 8lane Running strip at Science collegeRaipur New
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