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05/05/2015  20442   206/15-16/BB/Building/Raipur-2 Construction of Veternary Hospital Artificial Insemination Unit Builidng With Tr   Live
05/05/2015  20439   NITNo:021/TC/15-16 W.B.M.RENEWAL, B.T. RENEWAL & NEW B.T. ANNUAL REPAIR Under Gariaband Division u   Live
02/05/2015  20438   NITNo:018/TC/15-16 Construction of H.L. Bridge Across Narangi River on Shampur Randhana Road in Km.   Live
01/05/2015  20437   NITNO.016/TC/15-16 Construction of Main Road to Tikarkhurd Bokramuda Road Distt. Bilaspur.   Live
02/05/2015  20436   NITNO:019/TC/2015-16 Construction of H.L. Bridge i/c Approach Across Hanp River on Hemaband Rampur   Live
01/05/2015  20434   NITNo:017/TC/15-16 Upgradation of Balance Part of Badanji Anjer Road From Km. 24/2 to 30/8= 6.8 Km   Live
05/05/2015  20432   NITNo:023/TC/15-16 W.B.M. renewal, New B.T. & B.T. Renewal Work of Various roads under P.W.D.(B/R)   Live
05/05/2015  20431   NITNo:022/TC/15-16 B.T. Renewal on Various Roads under Kondagaon Division Kondagaon.   Live
29/04/2015  20430   NITNO.014/TC/15-16 Construction of Sanitary Disposal System at Ayurvedic College Campus, Raipur   Live
29/04/2015  20429   NITNo.09/Raipur/B&R/15-16(1stCall) Construction of Boundary wall,grill fixing & ground levelling at front side of a   Live
29/04/2015  20428   NITNo.011/TC/15-16 Construction of Government College Building at Tokapal i/c Road & Electrificati   Live
01/05/2015  20427   NITNO:015/TC/2015-16 Construction of H.L. Bridge Across Indrawati River in Km. 1/3 on Nagarnar Bhejap   Live
28/04/2015  20426   NITNo:010/TC/15-16 Construction of Medical College Approach Road Rajnandgaon   Live
28/04/2015  20424   NITNo.205/Raipur-2/2015-16 Construction Of 50 Seated Hostel Building I/C Water Supply Sanitary Fitting At I   Live
28/04/2015  20423   NITNo.204/Raipur-2/2015-16 Construction of I.T.I. Building i/c water Supply Sanitary fitting and Electrific   Live
27/04/2015  20419   N.I.T.No.:13/HigherSecondarySchool/TC-Ambikapu Construction of Higher Secondary School Building at Pratappur Block Pratappur Di   Live
25/04/2015  20416   N.I.T.No.:02/Setu/Ambikapur/2015-16 Lawa (Ibb) River on Dumarkona- Aasta Road.   Live
25/04/2015  20415   02/G/2015-16/Bilaspur,Dated25.04.2015 BT Patch Repair in km 50to54,57 to 103 on Bilaspur-Mungli-Pandria-Pundi NH 130A   Live
24/04/2015  20414   NITNo.-005/TC/15-16 Construction of Approach Road to R.T.O. Building & Girls Polytechnic College   Live
23/04/2015  20399   N.I.T.No.:10/CentralJail/TC-Ambikapur/2015-16 Construction of 18 Nos H-Type Qtr. at Central Jail Ambikapur.   Live
23/04/2015  20398   N.I.T.No.:09/HighSchool/TC-Ambikapur/2015-16 Construction of Girls High School Building at Sonhat Block Sonhat Distt. Korea (   Live
23/04/2015  20397   N.I.T.No.:08/HigherSecondarySchool/TC-Ambikapu Construction of Higher Secondary School Building at Sirsi Block Bhaiyathan Distt   Live
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RFP for Detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for construction of Flyover in Raipur Town New
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RFP Planning, development, Estimation and Structural design, detailed engineering andrelated service New
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