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03/03/2015  20219   3029/G/C/1/2014-15 Construction of 100 seated girls hostel building at village Sasaha block Pamgarh   Live
03/03/2015  20218   3028/G/K/1/2014-15 Extention of main boundary wall with Electrification in Distt jail Korba   Live
03/03/2015  20217   3027/G/R/2/2014-15 B.T. RENEWAL WORK IN TAMNAR – URBA – LAILUNGA ROAD KM 19 TO 21 & 25 = 4.00 KM &   Live
03/03/2015  20216   3026/G/P/2/2014-15 W.B.M. & B.T. RENEWAL WORK UNDER SUB DIVISION MARWAHI (TENDUMUDA TO BAGRAR ROAD)   Live
02/03/2015  20213   151/Durg(Durg)/2014 Costruction of 4-Nos. P.W.D.Sub Division Office Building and 1- Nos.   Live
02/03/2015  20208   NITNo:674/TC/14-15 Construction of new Govt. College Building at Fasterpur (Setganga)   Live
26/02/2015  20207   3025/G/C/1/2014-15 Construction of 4 nos. H type Qtr. At sub jail building at Sakti   Live
26/02/2015  20206   3024/G/R/1/2014-15 Construction of 16 nos H type Concertina fencing repair of Plaster construction   Live
26/02/2015  20205   3023/G/R/1/2014-15 Extention in first floor above old building of Jila panchayat Raigarh   Live
26/02/2015  20204   3022/G/R/1/2014-15 Construction of 3 no. toilet & bath platform for 10 units 3 nos at dist. Jail R   Live
27/02/2015  20198   NITNO:671//TC/2014-15 Lat Nalla on Pamgarh Sheorinarayan - Sarangarh - Baramkela-Sohela Road.   Live
02/03/2015  20195   N.I.T.No.:268/NewHighSchool/TC-Ambikapur/2014- Construction of New High School Building at Bedekona Distt. Jashpur (C.G.) i/c W   Live
23/02/2015  20193   150/Durg(Balod)/2014 Construction of Government college Building i/c water supply & sanitary fiting &   Live
28/02/2015  20189   NITNO:673/TC/2014-15 Construction of H.L. Bridge i/c Approach Road Across Jhura Nalla on Dudumbahara   Live
26/02/2015  20188   NIT.NO64/RaipurB&R/2014-15(1stCall) CONFERENCE HALL FOR POLICE CONTROL ROOM AT, RAIPUR(C.G.) FOURTH FLOOR   Live
27/02/2015  20184   NITNO:672/TC/2014-15 Const. of H.L.Bridge Mahan River On Banshipur Bagada Road 2.Moren River Kachhiya   Live
25/02/2015  20183   NITNo/17/Setu-raigarh/2014-15 Balance Work Construction of H.L.Bridge i/c App.road across Kinkari Nalla On Sar   Live
24/02/2015  20182   N.I.T.No58/Raipur/B/R/2014-15(1stCall) Kathadih Kandul by pass road & internal C.C. road land developing garden & boun   Live
23/02/2015  20181   188/14-15/GRB/Road/Raipur-2 Widening of Rajim-/Deobhog road k.m. 142/4 to 145/10 (R/S)   Live
24/02/2015  20180   NITNo.:-667/TC/14-15 Upgradation of Balance Part of Badanji Anjer Road From Km. 24/2 to 30/8= 6.8 Km   Live
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